A Touch of Chanel™


    A Touch of Chanel™ is responsible for some of the world’s most unique and exclusive products including crystallized headphones, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and electronics on the market. We work with the FINEST and most EXCLUSIVE crystals available as well as precious metals and stones to provide the highest quality of custom products that are eye catching and jaw dropping.

    Each of our products are fully functioning hand-crafted works of art, customized with a technique which has been honed to absolute perfection and a quality of workmanship which ensures that every crystal, metal, and stone, is precisely positioned and in its own perfect space.

    A Touch of Chanel™ also specializes in metal and plastic plating allowing you to plate your cellphones, microphones, ipods/iphones, headphones/earbuds, etc.....

    For all inquires and specialty orders please contact