A Touch of Chanel™

    A Touch of Chanel™ Ceramic Mug

    50 USD


    A Touch of Chanel™ Ceramic Mug

    This A Touch of Chanel™ Ceramic Mug is usable for hot or cold drinks. Covered with custom vinyl, each of our mugs are fully functioning hand-crafted works of art, customized with a technique which has been honed to absolute perfection and a quality of workmanship which ensures that every word, shape, and logo is precisely positioned and in its own perfect space.
    • Cold or hot liquids only
    • Hand wash only!
    • Designed by Christian Chanel™
    • 12 oz 
    • Vinyl used
    • 100% Handmade breathtaking workmanship & quality

    These mugs are to be GENTLY hand washed with cool water to preserve their illustrations (No scrubs or sponges). Normal wear and tear should be expected as this is a hand made piece, so the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Air dry. Please wash with care. Please do not place mugs in a dishwasher.

    For other styles and custom variations please email us at support@atouchofchanel.com